This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to connect and provision the Downtime Insight device to your network and to the input relay normally opened contact, as well as how to connect the 24VDC power.

Note: The below images are for the version 0 device hardware

Connecting the Power Supply

1.      24VDC Input Power: Connect the 24VDC power to the Vin terminal on the device.

2.      24VDC Common: Connect the 24VDC common to the Com terminal.

3.      Optional Relay Normally Open Contact: If the application is using a input relay, connect the relay to the N.O. terminals as shown in the wiring diagram provided in the PDF.

Refer to the detailed wiring diagram below for a visual guide on connecting these components.

The small loose green circuit board is a rc network used to debounce electro mechanical signals (relays and switch contacts)

Provisioning the Device to WiFi Network

1.      Connect the Antenna: Ensure the antenna is securely attached to the device to receive signals.

2.      Power the Device: Apply power by connecting the 24VDC supply. The device's display should indicate "configuring WiFi."

3.      Access Point Mode: After 1-3 minutes, the device will enter Access Point (AP) mode and broadcast a WiFi network (SSID) similar to `dti-esp32-xxxxxx`.

4.      Connect to the Device's Network:

a.      On your smartphone, select the `dti-esp32-xxxxxx` network. The device settings appear on your phone, similar to the screenshot provided.

b.      If not redirected automatically after you phone connects to the device network, open a browser and enter `` to access the setup page.

5.      **WiFi Configuration**:

a.      Click on `Configure WiFi`.

b.      Select your WiFi network's SSID.

c.      Enter the password and click `Save`.

6.     **Connection Confirmation**: The device will take approximately 30 seconds to connect to the WiFi network and the server/database. Upon successful connection, the display will show a cloud/wifi/time icon and the device ID.


- If the device does not connect to the WiFi, ensure the network operates on a 2.4GHz band as the device does not support 5GHz.

- Ensure all connections are secure and the correct power supply voltage is used to avoid any connectivity or hardware issues.

For any additional information or troubleshooting, refer to the user guide or contact us for technical support.